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Count Clockwise.

I'm feeling the sensation of...blind, Count Clockwise.

Kirsty Meredith
29 March 1988
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Questo è la mia inchiesta imperiale per la pace e la libertà.
Il silenzio è veramente bello.

I am a young woman.
Who is 24 years old.
I am single and oh baby we are quite content.
My eyes are hazel and my hair is golden brown and long.
I stand tall at 6ft.
I'm 118 pounds and I work out hard baby.
My body measurements are 34, 22, 34, bet you can't beat that at this height sweetie.
I live in Newtownards, N.Ireland which sucks ass.
I'm graduated with a 1st Class BA Single Honours in Social Anthropology at Queen's University, Belfast. It was really interesting!
Right now though, I am doing an MSc in Software Development again at Queen's University, Belfast..
Sometimes, I feel like a cross between Barbie and Nigella Lawson when walking around the Bernard Crossland Building.
However, I also work part-time in Iceland, Newtownards, as a Retail Assistant at weekends and I enjoy all my wee regular customers.
The main passions in my life are art, reading, writing, dancing and baking I think I am amazing at ALL of them. But I will leave it up for you to decide that.
I'm very outspoken, always giggling and I love being a bit naughty.
I love having embarrassing moments, you see sweetie I just treat them like an anime cartoon; with a big drip down the side of my head!
Miss. Sleath is probably the most inspirational woman I have ever met in my life.
My favourite Genre of music is ♪Psychadelica♪.
I'm a Christian but I'm not a religious fanatic and I love questioning the bible.
I want to escape so badly the reality and enter into the divine.

♥ ♥ ♥

Destroy me Ana, so I may be able to destroy them.
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